A love of the booth.

Like many girls who grew up in the 90s, Jana spent her weekends creating her own radio stations: two cassette recorders, one playing the music, the other recording her witty banter... with herself.

Fast forward many (*ahem* a few) years, Jana found herself on the couch at the then GAS Inc in South Melbourne, wearing her agency hat for a client voice record, longing to get in the booth. Rodney 'Rodders' Lowe (pictured) offered Jana a new job working in the studio, and it wasn't long before the itch to dive behind the microphone took over. Rodney, Les and the team at Production Alley have been incredibly supportive of Jana - and helped her set up a home studio through ipDTL. Jana's experience working directly with agency clients, art directors, producers and copywriters gives her an edge and in-depth understanding of what brands require.

Wherever you are, Jana can help. Simply email your script, log on, and you can direct Jana to give you the record you need. Check out Jana's demo below, and a recent campaign for Hepatitis Victoria.